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Our Academics

In Maria School, we believe that every child should learn to enlighten their world and the world around, just like a Lamp. Here Children play as they work, and as they work, they learn.This provides equal opportunity for each and every person, to be a master of themselves and rule their qualities.

Xseed, a unique teaching methodology is followed in our school since 2013. Xseed Education is a leading education innovation company focused on learning and leadership, with high-quality proprietary curriculum, training and assessment capability. Xseed means children learn, not cram. Teachers teach, not tell. Our school follows Xseed 5-Step ( 5 A’s – Aim – Action – Analysis – Application – Assessment) Learning Method for better results & Successful Children.


Mikids English Foundation uses a simple phonics based approach to reading, so that children at the Foundation Stage are able to comprehend and put to immediate use. Mikids materials are reinforced with specially written songs which stimulate learning activities of children and enhance their vocabulary.


School has a full fledged Library having more than 2500 books on various subjects. In order to cultivate the habit of reading, we provide each child one book per week,  The book to be returned by  next week, on the day specified by the class teacher.

  • Excellent Coaching

  • Montessori Method of teaching

  • Xseed

  • Mikids

  • Chrysalis

  • Efficiency in teaching.

  • Proficiency in education.

  • Trained & Experienced teachers

  • Personal attention to all children.

  • Colourful Classrooms

  • Learning through play & activities.

  • Education is never a burden here.

  • Children learn to speak & think in English.

Extra Curricular Activities
  • Good accommodation & spacious classrooms.

  • Children need to move freely to learn things. They should feel great about their classrooms.

  • Colourful classrooms: We have attractive & colourful classrooms which make children to sit proudly & say my class is best.

  • Our Classrooms and the building carry a Homely atmosphere.

  • School should be another home for Children. We proudly say that Maria School is a home for all children.

  • Children love coming to school. 90% of our children have 100% attendance.

  • Our Furniture are at par with International standards.

  • We have independent seating to give child a comfortable feeling; this will make them concentrate without any disturbances.

  • Classrooms are stocked with sufficient Montessori Equipments & teaching aids

We believe that each and every child will have a talent. These hidden talents can be brought out by encouraging the children to perform various activities and identifying what the child likes.
To motivate the children we have introduced;

Instructors for Extra curricular activities are from prominent schools in our town. Children will be trained, tested & awarded for the same at the end of academic year.

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